For the installation of several DSP speaker systems, HOLOPLOT was looking for a flexible high-performance Cat cable with a low bending radius and UL approval. With our halogen-free TTLan® UltraFlex Cat.6A patch cable, we were not only able to meet these criteria, but also present other special features of the cable. 

Our client

HOLOPLOT is a Berlin-based hardware and software manufacturer for professional 3D audio technology and was named one of the 50 most innovative companies by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

HOLOPLOT pushes the boundaries of conventional audio and loudspeaker technology with its advanced products. In addition to a precise, clear and homogeneous sound image, the use of HOLOPLOT systems achieves an unprecedented realistic reproduction of audio content, especially for immersive installations with lifelike object localisation. As well as offering exceptional audio performance, the products are IoT-enabled devices that harness the power of data to continuously evolve. HOLOPLOT systems are used in large-scale projects around the world; they can be found in concert halls, 3D cinemas and experiential environments such as the Illuminarium Atlanta.

The challenge

For the installation of several DSP speaker systems in a 360° cinema, the customer needed a reliable, flexible high-performance cat patch cable with a low bending radius and UL approval. In addition, the connectors had to be sturdily installed and connected to the cable and have compact dimensions to ensure a fail-safe data flow and to achieve the highest possible packing density.

Video ansehen: Illuminarium X HOLOPLOT

Our solution

TTLan® UltraFlex Cat.6A S/FTP patch cable, UL-listed, LSOH sheath and thus meets the safety standards in fire behaviour

Special cable with 8500 movement cycles under load and thus offers high resilience and durability

Compact connector design, angled and thus offers a high packing density

10 mm bending radius, 1200 mating cycles and offers high flexibility, breaking strength and resistance to frequent handling

Data transmission up to 10 Gbit/s, 500 MHz, offering high transmission quality

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Insights into the project

We are very satisfied with the flexible, halogen-free Cat.6A UltraFlex patch cable with compact angled connectors developed by TTL Network for our loudspeaker systems. The cable meets all the necessary safety standards and physical requirements for stable signal transmission, robust workmanship, space-saving design and a flexible cable that can withstand regular coiling and bending. In use, the cable shows its high performance and delivers an impressive sound experience.

Your contact

Thomas Bahr

Area Sales Manager North


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