Event / media technology

Audience expectations of live events are becoming increasingly high. Spectacular video installations, large screens and an optimal sound experience now characterise concerts and large events. This also applies to media technology. From board meetings to shareholder meetings - many events now take place digitally. The perfect moment depends above all on high-quality transmission paths.

Current challenges of the industry

Whether at events such as concerts, trade fairs, festivals and sporting events or in the field of media technology for press conferences and large meeting rooms - the perfect moment is based on reliable transmission paths. The conditions at the venue, e.g. at festivals, demand a lot from the transmission paths. The cables have to be real all-rounders: robust, tread-proof, heat-resistant, weather-resistant and at the same time flexible and reelable to be suitable for mobile use. Cables in event and media technology have a truly eventful life. The connections must withstand vibrations, be compatible with many systems and must not cause dropouts under any circumstances. Only high-quality and reliable cables and components guarantee an impressive image and sound experience.

Our product portfolio

With over 20 years of experience in the assembly and manufacture of cables and components for professional applications in the industry, we are very familiar with the requirements for the highest quality. We have used this experience and our demand for the highest quality according to industry standards to create a select range of solutions for professional applications in event and media technology.
Consisting of copper connection technology and fibre optic connection technology, our range - distinguished by high robustness, IP protection classes and flexibility - meets the continuously increasing requirements. Both for event use and permanent installations in conference rooms - our solutions for event and media technology reliably transport the perfect moment.



Our services

Our high-quality standards are not only reflected in our products, but also in our service. We are problem solvers and make many things possible for our customers, from the fulfillment of individual special requests, and special procurement to individual special assembly - TTL Network is at your side as a reliable partner.

Sie wünschen eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung (OEM) für Ihr Produkt? Wollen sich von der Konkurrenz abheben oder müssen Vorgaben zu Form, Gestaltung und Qualität berücksichtigen? Wir haben die Ideen für Ihre Bedürfnisse und stellen Ihnen diese Leidenschaft gerne bei der Konfektion Ihrer Verbindungslösung unter Beweis.

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Sie haben einen konkreten Produktbedarf und keinen Zugang zum Markt? Oder wollen das Produkt nicht selbst sourcen? Wir haben das entsprechende „Network“ in unserer Branche und stellen Ihnen dieses gerne zur Verfügung.

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Sie haben ein Produkt in unserem Katalog entdeckt, jedoch nicht in Ihrer Wunsch Länge? Sie benötigen eine spezifische Verpackung oder Beschriftung? Wir erfüllen nahezu jeden Individualisierungswunsch, unser Serviceteam hilft gern.

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