The innovation cycles of end devices with regard to video and audio quality are becoming increasingly shorter, the broadcasting industry is facing rising audience expectations, general cost pressure, and the emergence of new media offerings. High-quality digital media content has become the standard. The trend towards larger digital files is far from over, as video quality improves from standard HD to 4K and 8K Ultra-HD and far beyond. The result on the end device depends above all on high-quality transmission paths.

Current challenges of the industry

From news, documentaries, series, and films - in hardly any other area is cable reliability rated as highly as in the broadcasting industry. This is especially true for the increasing number of live broadcasts because there are no second chances here. Poor transmission performance caused by low-cost cables can cause considerable damage to a broadcaster's reputation. The interference-free and high-performance transmission of data, audio, and video information is, therefore, a critical factor for success. The highest quality requires cutting-edge technology, with cabling being the essential link.

Our product portfolio

With over 20 years of experience in the assembly and manufacture of cables and components for professional applications in the industry, we are very familiar with the requirements for the highest quality. We have used this experience and our demand for the highest quality according to industry standards to create a select product range for professional broadcasting applications. Consisting of copper connection technology and fiber optic connection technology, our range, distinguished by bend-optimized fibers, long transmission distances, and ideal EMC values, meets the continuously increasing requirements. This applies to outdoor use as well as to permanent studio installations - our solutions for broadcasters deliver the optimal sound and image experience to the viewer.



Our services

Our high-quality standards are not only reflected in our products, but also in our service. We are problem solvers and make many things possible for our customers, from the fulfillment of individual special requests, and special procurement to individual special assembly - TTL Network is at your side as a reliable partner.

Do you want a customized solution (OEM) for your product? Do you want to stand out from the competition or have to take into account specifications regarding shape, design, and quality?
We have the ideas for your needs and will be happy to demonstrate this passion to you in the assembly of your connection solution.

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Do you have a specific product need and no access to the market? Or do you not want to source the product yourself? We have the appropriate "network" in our industry and are happy to put it at your disposal.

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You have discovered a product in our catalogue, but not in your desired length? Do you need specific packaging or labeling?
We fulfil almost every individualisation request, our service team is happy to help.

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