Customized assembly (OEM)

Do you want a customized solution (OEM) for your product? Do you want to stand out from the competition or have to take into account specifications regarding shape, design and quality? We have the ideas for your needs and are happy to demonstrate this passion to you in the assembly of your connection solution.

Customer-specific special solutions
We love technology and will be happy to demonstrate this passion to you in the assembly of your connection solution. We see our focus in the production of individual customer solutions for connection cables - the soul of our company. With our R&D competence in relation to the most diverse requirements, we can offer our customers optimal solutions. Regardless of whether it is an existing or a new application, with over 1,000 tools and 10,000 technical sketches, we are your contact for special assemblies (OEM) of cables and components. From small to large series, we create unique and individual product solutions for you, because demanding applications need demanding solutions.

Our way


You submit your request for a new product or one to be optimised


One of our experts will contact you to clarify the specifications and details

Technical draft

We develop a solution proposal for your approval


We produce a product sample and make it available to you for testing purposes


We wait for your approval after you have carried out internal tests with the sample and make any necessary corrections


We produce your product and offer you additional services on request

Impressions of our work

iX / RJ45 Industrial Ethernet cable, shielded

The Ethernet cable adapts the old conventional Ethernet technology (RJ45) to the new modern iX technology. The weak point of the RJ45 plug, the surface-mounted contacts that quickly bend and wear out due to mechanical influences, is minimised by the locking screws on both plugs and a stable connection between machine housing and plug is guaranteed. Likewise, the secure fit of the plugs in the socket practically prevents signal interruptions that could occur during vibrations during operation.

USB-C connection cable / port blocker
for camera systems

The USB-C cable is plugged, for example, between a camera (plug side) mounted inside a machine and the outer machine housing (socket side) to prevent premature wear or failure of the sensitive interface in the camera. Both connectors are equipped with locking screws to prevent the connector from loosening, e.g. under the influence of vibrations.

RJ45 / Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) cable with cable splitter / converter

We realise individual Industrial Ethernet solutions for you, which can be reduced to a few or even only one cable instead of thick cable harnesses thanks to single pair technology and special cable dividers.

We offer the right tool for every system with a selection of over 1000 tools, so that every cable divider can be realised as required and adapted to the customer-specific solution goal.

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