Data Center / Network Technology

The world is becoming increasingly digital and cloud-based solutions such as SaaS, PaaS or IaaS are indispensable. This creates ever-increasing amounts of data that must be processed, archived and transported. The network technology and infrastructure in data centres form the data highway for this and must meet the continuously increasing requirements for capacity and availability.

Current challenges of the industry

Whether enterprise, collocation, cloud or edge data centres, they all need to securely and reliably meet the rapidly increasing performance requirements due to the growing relevance of data and data processing. Regardless of the data centre model, the focus is on flexibility, scalability, high security requirements and maximising reliability. This also and especially applies to the network technology and infrastructure used.

Our product portfolio

With over 20 years of experience in the assembly and manufacture of cables and components for professional applications in industry, we are very familiar with the requirements for the highest quality. We have used this experience and our demand for the highest quality according to industry standards to create a select range of solutions for professional applications in data centres and network technology under the TTLan product line.

Consisting of copper connection technology, fibre optic connection technology and integrated system solutions, our TTLan® range meets the continuously increasing requirements in data centres and makes your data centre future-proof. Fail-safe and always high-performance - our TTLan solutions for data centres provide you with the data highway without speed limits.




Our services

Even the best cables and components can only function if they are installed professionally. That's why, together with our long-standing implementation partner, we are also reliably at your side as a central contact partner during planning, installation and acceptance.

As part of our planning, we offer a joint site inspection to familiarise ourselves with the location and to work out the ideal structured cabling for your data centre - because every data centre has different basic structures, both conventional extensions and modular room-in-room systems must be designed according to requirements, value and budget.

Within the scope of the installation, we provide you with trained resources with many years of installation experience, keep the access times low and convince you with a speedy installation of the solution.

As part of the acceptance process, we carry out comprehensive "testing" of the solution and provide you with the acceptance measurements and protocols, so that your solution is ready for commissioning. We are convinced of our solution and therefore provide you with a system guarantee of 15 years.

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