TTLan Cat.6A Top-Hat Rail Adapter

Compact design for all top-hat rail installations
+++ fully shielded zinc die-cast housing +++ gold plated contacts +++ potential equalization spring

The TTLan® Cat.6A top-hat rail adapter is perfectly suited for installations with standard top-hat rails in fuse boxes or distribution systems to quickly and securely enable a reliable data flow of up to 10GBit Ethernet via RJ45 patch cables.

The adapter is the perfect solution for connecting electromechanical equipment to network installations: Thanks to its compact design, it fits on any standard top-hat rail TH35 (35 mm) according to DIN EN 60715 even in the tightest of spaces. And because the zinc die-cast housing is shielded against external EMC interference a powerful data, energy, and signal transmission is possible.

As it has the transmission properties of Cat.6A (Class EA) it is suitable for transmission of up to 10 GBit Ethernet - Power over Ethernet is possible in the PoE and PoE+ variants. With these properties, it is used in distribution systems, fuse boxes, and other devices with top-hat rails.

If the two RJ45 sockets are not in use, the dust caps included protecting against contamination until further connections are required.


  • compact design
  • dust caps included
  • inner fully shielded zinc die-cast housing
  • transmission up to 10 GBit Ethernet
  • potential equalizing spring


  • 2x RJ45socket with dust-cap
  • contacts 50µ gold plated
  • zinc die-cast housing (inner module)
  • Category: 6A
  • Class: EA
  • suitable for rails: DIN EN 60715, 35 mm

Transmission Properties

  • up to 10 Gbit Ethernet
  • PoE, PoE+

Thermal Properties

  • storage temperature: -40°C up to +70°C
  • operating temperature: -25°C up to +50°C



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TTLan Cat.6A Top-Hat Rail Adapter

Compact, fully shielded Cat.6A top-hat rail adapter for DIN rails TH35.




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