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Premium UltraFlex 12G SDI Video Cable

12G SDI BNC Video Cable

The Premium UltraFlex 12G SDI video cable has improved attenuation characteristics that allow 12G signals to be transported over a maximum distance of 56 meters while maintaining high flexibility and drum capability.

The excellent return loss at 12GHz of 15dB, 20dB @ 6GHz and 26dB @ 3GHz makes the cable perfect for 12G, 6G and 3G systems.

As 12G / 4K UHD continues to dominate the landscape of broadcast TV, sports, live events, and commercial production operations, the premium UltraFlex 12G SDI video cable offers effective transmission of 12G SDI signals in mobile applications. This makes it the right choice for future-proof installation of new equipment in studios and broadcast towers as well as for applications with external broadcast interfaces and in the event technology sector.


  • Transmission of HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, and 12G SDI signals
  • High image resolution up to 4K UltraHD
  • Excellent attenuation properties
  • Special cable for mobile applications, reelable

Plugs: 2x BNC special connector 75Ω
Cable: coaxial cable
Single Channel, 100% sweep tested
Inner conductor: AWG18, pure copper
Shield: Double flexible CU braid shielding
Insulation: polyethylene
Outer diameter: 7.7±0,3 mm
Flexibility: reelable and flexible even at low temperatures
Colour: black

Transmission properties
SDI signals: up to 12G (maximum length of 56 m)
Image resolution: up to 4K UHD
Frequencies: up to 12GHz

Supported standards
SMPTE: ST2082-1 (up to 56 m)

Mechanical properties
contact resistance: up to 10mΩ
Pulling force cable connection: 245N (mind.)

Electrical properties
Return loss: up to 26.4 dB
Insulation resistance: 5000 MΩ

Thermal properties
Cold flexibility: up to -30°C




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