New: Halogen-free Cat.6A Patch Cable

Halogen-free cable material • flexible, narrow bend relief • proofed and tested

Our new, halogen-free TTLan® Cat.6A S/FTP patch cable is assembled with two Hirose TM31 RJ45 connectors. Their flexible sleeve offers integrated snap-in lug protection and narrow bend protection. In addition, the effective shielding of the wire pairs prevents possible electromagnetic interference: Best conditions for reliable Ethernet transmission with up to 10 Gbit.

The way a patch cable is constructed and processed has a decisive effect on the cable's durability and its transmission properties. In the halogen-free TTLan® Cat.6A S/FTP patch cable, for example, the integrated latch protection of the connectors ensures excellent tensile and torsional strength. These outstanding mechanical properties are underlined by the flexible bend protection sleeve of the Hirose TM31 RJ45 plugs, which are assigned according to the EIA/TIA colour code.

With its LSHF sheath, the halogen-free S/FTP patch cable also meets important fire protection requirements - and provides effective protection against electromagnetic interference. This is because its overall shielding consists of tin-plated copper braiding, and the aluminium-coated composite foil provides additional shielding for the inner copper conductors.

The quality of this Cat.6A S/FTP patch cable is documented: With its modular RJ45 connectors in Cat.6A design, it transmits reliable Ethernet with up to 10 Gbit, which has been verified by Fluke test. Other tests include electrical testing (100%) and crimp height monitoring during the manufacturing process.

We offer the cable in light grey as standard - in lengths from 0.5 to 20 metres. On request, it is also available in black, red, orange, blue, yellow, green, or magenta.



  • Suitable for industrial applications
  • Halogen-free cable material
  • Narrow, flexible boot with bend relief and integrated latch protection
  • Transmission up to 10 GBit Ethernet


  • Connectors: 2x RJ45 plug Hirose TM31
  • Flexible boot with integrated latch protection
  • Narrow bend relief
  • Category: 6A

  • Cable: Copper wires
  • Category: 7
  • Design: S/FTP (PiMF) 4x2x AWG 26/7
  • Outer diameter: 6.0±0.2mm
  • Jacket material: LSHF

  • Pinout: EIA/TIA 568B


  • Transmission: up to 10 Gbit Ethernet


  • Electrical test: 100%
  • Crimp height monitoring during production
  • Transmission properties: Fluke Test


Available lengths from stock:
0.5 / 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 5.0 / 7.5 / 10.0 / 15.0 / 20.0 meters




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