Flexible, durable and reliable!

The TTL UltraFlex Cat.6 A S/FTP LSOH patch cables provide the best properties: These high-performance patch cables are extremely flexible, durable and very reliable. Despite their Low Smoke Free of Halogen (LSOH) sheath they have a very high bendability. Therefore they are particularly suitable for applications in the media technology and for an optimized cable management in the workplace or in the network cabinet.

High-performance patch cables should not only possess perfect electrical properties, but also convince mechanically: In addition to the flexibility and durability, a special importance is attached to the relevant safety aspects in case of fire. However, standard patch cables with LSOH sheath, which produce low smoke in a fire and do not release halogens, are relatively stiff in the application. Patch cables with PVC sheath are comparatively more flexible, but in case of fire they produce a lot of smoke and release toxic gases.

The TTL UltraFlex Cat.6A S/FTP LSOH patch cables convince, both the fire and the bending behaviour. Due to the special cable material, they manage a bending radius up to 10 mm. “Further, our cables are vastly more durable compared to conventional products”, reports Michael Stechmann, member of the TTL management, “laboratory tests have shown up to 8.500 movement cycles under mechanical stress  or frequently handling.”

The UltraFlex Cat.6A S/FTP LSOH patch cables are available in different lengths from 0,25 meters up to 10 meters. For individual lengths are endless cables on 100-meter rings offered.

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