Steel-Armoured HDMI AOC Cable

Very strong and durable • high performance • brillant images

The steel-armoured HDMI Active Optical Cable is a very strong video hybrid cable of OM3 fibres and a copper wire. It is a lightweight, characterized by a flexible cable with a very small bending radius, best performance on long distances and extremely high load capacity.
Under a flexible TPU jacket, the cable is equipped with a steel armouring and an additional Kevlar mesh; a combination that makes it extremely resistant to pressure and tensile loads, bruises and damage from rodent bites. The cable can withstand a short-term pressure of up to 200kg without performance losses or damages of the inner conductors.
The steel-armoured HDMI Active Optical Cable is assembled with two HDMI type A plugs, which are protected with a high-quality metal housing.
This results in an excellent transmission of video signals and a crystal clear image without loss over long distances up to 100 meters. The Active Optical Cable supports HDTV and 3D Full HD resolutions at a transfer rate of up to 18 Gbps.

Key Features
▪ Up to 100 m length (max.)
▪ Low power consumption: 250mW (max.)
▪ HDMI 2.0 Ultra HD 4K 2160p
▪ Data Rate up to 18 Gbps (Six Gbps per channel)
▪ Plug and Play
▪ Supports HDCP1.4 and HDCP2.2
▪ Self-detecting function for EDID information
▪ No loss of signal – delivering crystal clear digital images
▪ Hybrid optical cable with fibre and copper wire
▪ Crush Resistance – Short term 200kg; Long term 100kg
▪ ROHS2.0 and REACH compliant

▪ Digital Signage
▪ Rental Business
▪ Medical Imaging Equipment
▪ Airplane On-board video system
▪ Home Theater
▪ TV broadcast station
▪ Conference room video equipment
▪ Security systems



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