FTTx Compact Box

Compact FTTx Connection Box for two SC simplex or LC duplex adapters

Direct connection to the data highway

Compact design, easy handling, fast assembly

Our new wall-mounted fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) surface box provides direct fiber connection for end-users to all conceivable gigabit network architectures. The unpopulated junction box takes over the structured management of up to four fibres and can accommodate two fibre optic simplex or duplex adapters.

Compactly designed, 80 x 80 mm large and 23.5 mm deep surface-mounted glass fiber box, which is built up with three functional levels. The mounting plate for wall mounting is made of metal and thus guarantees effective strain relief.

The plastic housing is plugged onto the mounting plate: it has an integrated fiber tray as well as a storage device for four secure crimp or shrink-splice protectors. The housing also has cut-outs for two SC simplex or LC duplex adapters. When these are not in use, hinged dust protection caps prevent dust from entering and protect against further environmental influences.

The third level is the high-quality plastic cover. It is equipped with a captive screw that is covered by a labeling field with hinged transparent protection. With this design, the FTTx surface-mounted box creates all the prerequisites for direct end-user connection to fast fiber-optic broadband networks with real-time transmissions in the gigabit range.

By the way: For the two cut-outs in the plastic housing, we also provide the matching fiber optic adapters as flangeless variants for plugging in - for an effective, high-performance plug-in connection to the respective network infrastructure.

Colour: White RAL 1013

  • Available from stock
  • Project-specific OEM variants can be realised
  • Accessories available: fibre optic couplings, splice protectors, fibre optic cables and pigtails


  • For 2x SC Simplex or LC Duplex adapters
  • Compact design (80 x 80 x 23.5 mm)
  • Mounting plate made of metal with strain relief
  • Fast and easy assembly and mounting
  • Integrated storage for fibers
  • Holder for four shrink or splice protectors
  • Hinged dust protection caps
  • Labelling field with transparent, hinged lid
  • Captive screw

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