TTL Network goes greener

Like many industries, ours is also confronted with the problem of a high amount of packaging waste. This is mainly due to the fact that the plugs of our high-quality products in particular must be protected from environmental influences and damage during transport. Our demand for the highest quality goes hand in hand with the claim of a sustainable company and a responsibility for the environment and society. With our internal "Taskforce Go Green", we have dedicated ourselves to the problem of significantly reducing the environmental impact of packaging waste.

Our new environmentally and user-friendly packaging solutions

Typically, products in our industry are packaged in an abundance of single-use plastic packaging. We are committed to leading the industry and demonstrating our environmental commitment through incremental change by focusing on sustainable supply chain development in partnership with our manufacturers. As a company, we already have a strong awareness of our environmental impact. This is demonstrated, among other things, by the fact that we are currently in the process of our own ISO 14001 certification and the strong requirement for an environmentally conscious and resource-efficient production facility from our suppliers. With this in mind, we have intensively reviewed the packaging materials used in our product lines. Where possible, we want to do without packaging materials altogether; where we need packaging to protect our products, we have looked intensively at more sustainable, plastic-free packaging solutions.

Working closely with our production facilities, we have developed appropriate solutions for a wide range of products that reduce environmental impact and also focus on customer benefits through time savings and less waste on site. We are moving away from individual packs and towards multipacks in easily accessible cardboard boxes or paper packaging to realise significant time savings in addition to environmental improvements, especially for on-site installation. Pre-launch tests have shown that 60% of preparation time is saved for some product lines.

Excerpt of our more sustainable packaging:

  • Keystone jacks:
    Statt unübersichtlicher „Streuware“ in einzelnen Plastikbeuteln bleiben die Module unverpackt und werden einzeln in passgenaue Ausschnitte einer Kartoneinlage gesteckt. Das Montagezubehör kommt gesammelt in einen Papierbeutel. Das gesamte Verpackungsmaterial besteht aus recyceltem und recycelbarem Karton.
  • Copper patch cables
    Short patchcords up to 0.9 metres are bundled in packs of ten, longer ones from 1 metre are packed individually, simply, in a 100% recycled and recyclable paper sleeve.
  • Fibre optic patch cables:
    Instead of being individually packaged in a disposable plastic bag, each fibre optic patch cord gets a 100% compostable package that dissolves without leaving any residue after about 1.5 years.
  • Patch panels:
    The outer boxes are made of 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, the panels themselves are no longer additionally packed in disposable plastic and the nuts and bolts are supplied in a simple paper bag.

With this first step, we want to make our contribution to a more environmentally conscious and sustainable use of resources, knowing that this is only the beginning of our journey towards becoming a sustainable company. The topic of "sustainability" is therefore an essential part of our corporate strategy, on which we want to continue to work actively. We would like to encourage other market participants to follow us and are available for an exchange of experiences.


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